Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli, karnataka

Dandeli Attractions

A complete paradise for wildlife lovers, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the heart of Dandeli forest covering an area of 834.16 sq.km and reputed as the largest sanctuary in Karnataka. The Sanctuary is crowned as the most attractive tourist spot in Karnataka due to its rich varieties of flora and fauna. If you are looking for both an adventure filled vacation and a revitalizing respite amidst the serenity and calmness of nature, then the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is an ultimate place to gratify the craving of dinky thrill, indulge yourself in adventure, and unwrap your inner-self in the lap of nature. A few of the fascinating animals one can see here are tigers, elephants, black panthers, wild pigs, sloth bear, Indian Pangolin, crocodile and almost 200 species of birds. These are just a few from the list, the rest you have to wait for, till you pay a visit to this wildlife sanctuary.

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